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The Artist

Sue Thomas – Visual Artist

Sue Thomas | visual artist | landscape artist | pastel art and creative photography

Sue Thomas was born in Wiltshire, and has lived and worked there all her life.

She has worked in the printing industry for many years, producing artwork and print for a wide variety of businesses.

Sue’s love of travelling around the English countryside has led her to capture images of her favourite places, first in photography and now in art.

After exploring a number of different styles and mediums, she now paints landscapes and seascapes in pastel. She has chosen pastel, as it is a very versatile medium and believes it can express the lovely textures found in our landscapes – whether it is rivers, downland, woodlands, rocks or grasses – there is no shortage of new vistas to capture.

Her inspiration comes from a diverse range of subjects; reflections on water; a corner of a sunlit forest or a quiet beach while out for an early morning stroll.

“I hope to express, through my paintings, the beauty and textures found in the wonderful scenery that surround us and invite you to share with me.”